Mallory Ignition

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the relationship between MSD and Mallory Ignition?

A: In January of 2015, MSD Performance purchased the ACCEL Performance Group. The MSDP Group, a global leader in vehicle aftermarket performance ignition and tuning technology, made the decision to merge the top two companies in the automotive ignition industry worldwide—MSD and Mallory. Mallory will no longer manufacture its product line after March 31st. However, MSD will produce and service Mallory distributor replacement parts such as caps, rotors, points, and nearly 100 other items.

MSD will continue to offer the Mallory fuel products by transitioning to the MSD brand of products. Additionally, MSD will offer the repair of Mallory products and will honor all existing warranties. Beginning April 1, all Customer Service or Technical calls will be routed to El Paso through our toll free number, 800-246-0270.

What is the part number for the Unilite distributor replacement ignition module?

A: There are two modules that are available. The first is Mallory part # 605 that has a 2 year warranty. The second is Mallory part # 6100M with a 1 year warranty.

Can I buy parts like bushings, shafts & springs for my distributor and rebuild it myself?

A: The only service parts available are Caps, Rotors, Modules, Gears, and Curve Kits. If you need more than this, you’ll need to send distributor to us, for a FREE estimate on a repair price. Please complete and include the repair form found on our site.

Where do I send my old fuel pump, distributor, or CD ignition box for repairs?

A: Please refer to the MSD Performance returns and repairs web page:

Why is my Mallory electric fuel pump fluctuating in pressure and jumping all over?

A: There are many things that could cause this issue. The top offenders include using the wrong size fuel pressure regulator, not using a return line, or having a return line that is too small. Other causes could include using too many 90° degree elbows, an improperly sized fuel pump is the wrong size for the engine Horsepower or using a return line out of the pump.

Does Mallory sell an electronic distributor conversion kit to do away with my points set up?

A: YES, there are two (2) choices of kits to choose from when purchasing our conversion kit. First, you will need to know what kind of distributor you have now. If it is a Mallory, we will need the Mallory Part number #. The kits are called “E-Spark” conversion kits or “Unilite” conversion kits.

What is the Replacement Ignition Module and pick up coil for my Mallory HEI distributor?

A: There are two types of Mallory HEI Distributors: 75 series and 85 series units. The 75 series HEI uses a Module with a Rev-limiter - Module Part #699. The 85 series HEI uses the Module Part #607.

NOTE: Pick-up coils for the HEI distributors are NOT available as replacement parts.

What’s the part number for replacement cap and rotor on my Mallory Comp 9000 distributor?

A: The Comp 9000 distributors is an older design that we sold prior to the UNILITE. The replacement cap and rotors are available for sale and must be bought to match the distributor part number #. If you contact us with your distributor part number we can match the cap and rotor to his Comp 9000 distributor.

Where do I need to connect the 3 colored wires (Red, Green and Brown) on a Unilite distributor?

A: The Green wire connects to the Negative (-) coil terminal. The Red wire connects to the Positive (+) coil terminal, and the Brown wire connects to a good engine ground. The brown wire must be ground to the engine.

What is the Test procedure for checking my Unilite electronic ignition module’s operation?


  • Remove both the distributor cap and rotor, then turn the ignition ON but DO NOT START car.
  • Now connect your Red voltmeter wire to the NEGATIVE terminal (-) on the coil, by attaching the Red lead wire clip from voltmeter to the (-) terminal.
  • Next attach your Black voltmeter wire to an engine ground on a good ground source. We suggest a manifold, or header bolt. Most anywhere on the engine is good.
  • Now the voltage should read about 11 to 12 volts at this point. Remember to turn the key on for this reading! 12 volts must be present on your voltmeter.
  • Next, place a credit card down into the distributor, blocking the 2 photo optic eyes on top the module facing each other on the top. With eyes blocked, the volts should drop way down below 2 volts or less. This drop is a must! If the voltage drops down to anything under 2 volts, then the module is good and ready to use. If the voltage does NOT drop, the module will need to be replaced.
  • This damage could have been caused by many things, such as: power surge from an alternator, high resistance spark plugs and plug wires, improper ground wires, if someone has given you a jump, if you have given someone a jump, or battery chargers, which can also damage ignition modules. If voltage always stays below 2 volts and never increases up to 11-12 volts, then the module has been spiked by high voltage and needs to be replaced.

NOTE: The lack of a ballast resistor will cause this type of spike. If the voltage only drops down to 3-4 volts, this will produce a weak spark: too weak to run engine and the module will need to be replaced.

What coil should I use for my Mallory Unilite distributor, and/or Mallory Hyfire CD ignition box?

A: All Unilite distributors need coils with a minimum amount of 1.4 Ohms primary resistance. Coils are 12 volts; however, they do have different amounts of primary resistance, which is measured in Ohms. You can still use a coil with less than 1.4 Ohms, but you must install a Ballast Resistor (Mallory #700) between the coil and the distributor, install on Red wire coming out of the Unilite distributor. It is Important to know that the Unilite distributor will work initially on the engine with less than 1.4 Ohm, BUT NOT FOR LONG. It only takes a short period of time to burn up the module using a coil with the wrong resistance.

When you select a coil for any High power CD ignition box like the Mallory Hyfire CD boxes, the Mallory Hyfire CD boxes MUST always use a coil with LESS than 1 Ohm of primary resistance.